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Harry Gruson, the artist!

This post will be in English because is dedicated to someone I've met last year and who is an artist!
Since he's not portuguese, I'll write this in a language he will understand, despite all my errors and typos and bad use of verbal times! I'de write it in dutch if I knew any dutch, but since I don't, english must do the trick!

So, to make a quick "how you met this artist" introduction, on November 2011 I went to Holland to visit a friend I've met some years ago through a video game called World of Warcraft! Yes, games besides being able to ruin people's life, can also be a way to meet new and interesting persons! During this visit, I met some of my friend's friends, and one of them was Harry Gruson. A very rockabilly guy, and someone with a very interesting story about anything! One night we went to his house (a very hard and rough night, no need to talk about it here), and we saw all the amazing paintings he had hanged on the wall! And guess what.. he painted all them himself!

Superb painting, drawings, some big, others small, but all SUPERB!

Of course, like any other artist, he has is own style, and I really like his style!

As some of you know, I'm a big fan of Salvador Dali and Edgar Allan Poe (surrealist and horror). So one day, after reading a Poe's short story, "The pit and the pendulum", I thought to myself: "hmm I think that Harry can make a painting about this story, and it will work perfectly in his style"!
I asked him if it was possible and if he was interested and he accepted the challenge!

And after he worked on my painting, he finally sent me the painting and the result is this! (sorry my bad quality phone photos!)
 Complete painting "The Pit and the Pendulum" by Harry Gruson

 Detail 1

 Detail 2

 Detail 3

 Detail 4

 Detail 5

 Detail 6

As you can see, he's just as amazing as some of other well known artists!

You can see some of his other works on his blog: Harry Gruson Illustrations
You can also check this album from his facebook: Harry's facebook album (dunno if only friends can see or if you can see through me cause I'm his friend, still worth a try!)

And if anyone is interested on a painting from him, you can tell me and I'll ask him if he wants or have the time to do it. Of course that like other artist, his job as a price! :)

All this to thank you Harry, for the amazing painting you did to me, and you can be sure this isn't the last one! As long as you accepted my requests, I'll keep asking you for more and more!

Cheers Harry, you rock!!

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  1. Thank you Eduardo for the kind words

  2. Harry really rocks! I dig his style :)


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